Professional services including:

For all

  • Note-taking for meetings, lectures, conferences and seminars
  • Practical advice on disability access and support, taking into account the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (and amendments) and Equalities Act 2010

Higher, further and vocational education

  • Individual assessment and support provision for learners in higher and further education and vocational courses including apprenticeships
  • Support tailored to the needs of the individual
  • Regular and consistent support provided, as required
Denoted Professional Services

Specifically for Deaf, deafened and Hard of Hearing people

Specific applications for deaf and hard of hearing people who prefer access to English over British Sign Language, such as:

  • Providing screen based text for individuals wishing to follow a meeting/event, but unable to hear dialogue.
  • Providing a written record of a lecture/event for the Client’s own use in an accessible format.
  • Text suitably amended for specific access requirements and levels of English.

Transcription “dictation” service: from BSL to text.

Denoted Professional Services

Specific Learning Difficulties, ie Dyslexia

  • Notes tailored to individual needs
  • Proof-reading services
  • Transcription of audio recordings

Other applications

  • Text processing services
  • Transcription services, from audio to text
  • Copy-typing

All provided on a strictly confidential basis.

Training and professional development for electronic note takers.