Denoted up and running!

Denoted up and running!

It’s always very exciting starting something new. Getting to this point has been hard work, but definitely worth it. I am passionate about equality for all, and this new venture is the manifestation of that passion.

I first started seriously thinking about equality when I started a job in 1999, at Royal Association for Deaf people. I had no experience of working with deaf people and landed an administration job there, with deaf colleagues. I struggled because I had no deaf awareness, no sign language and no idea; but with the encouragement of my deaf colleagues, things did turn around. I started to learn sign language, and deaf awareness; but understood very quickly the discrimination faced by deaf people.

Fast forward a few years, having learned enough sign language to work with deaf people as an employment advisor, I was personally facing the same challenges. Some employers just could not understand how deaf people could possibly hold down a job. My job was to educate them and encourage them to at least try.

Fast forward a few more years, I took my passion and skill with me to a college, managing a team of people supporting students with disabilities and learning difficulties. The challenges were similar there; supporting students with disabilities and learning difficulties, and providing the awareness training to teaching and supporting staff. The job is never done.

So now, myself and my pool of talented support and communication specialists are launching ourselves!

Posted by Miriam Marchi
13 August 2011